Cherry Blossoms

Looming overhead into DC was a storm that threatened our chance to see the cherry blossoms and snap a few photos.  We arranged to show up at the metro station by 6:15am, allowing us a sunrise arrival at the Tidal Basin; except the metro gates aren’t unlocked until 7:00am – oops!  So, we managed to drive into the city, found a free parking spot, and took a ton of pictures whilst never being rained on.  As it was very overcast, the lighting wasn’t great, but the company was – thanks, Julia!

Below are my favorites.

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is in the background.

With the Washington Monument matching the gray skies, it was so difficult to capture; the picture above is my best attempt.  Sans the creepy flashing red “eyes” of the monument – you win some, you lose some.

I’ve labeled this “Origami Blossoms” – love the cattywampus framing from the branches and blossoms, and the fallen petals floating in the basin.  Hands down, my favorite shot from today.


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